What We Do

We technically fix stupid.

Ever had those stupid, annoying tech issues (in your business funnels, systems, web sites and/or processes) that drive you crazy?  Yeah, that’s what we call technical stupid – and we can fix that!

We can also manage the technical back-end of your business, to avoid the tech stupid in the first place!

Check out our service offerings below, to see how we can help you manage, and grow, your business….

Tech Sidekick Services

(monthly retainer pkgs: 10 or 20 hours per month @ $150 per hour) tech-sidekickGeneral tech management for your online business.

  • WordPress: maintenance, adding blog posts/pages, new plugins, themes, etc..
  • eCommerce: add/edit products
  • Email Marketing: send a broadcast, format/send ezines, setup autoresponder funnels, setup freemium offer marketing funnel, add opt-in forms to site
  • Web/Sales/Lead Page Design: create a new site, redesign an existing site, setup a new sales page or lead/opt-in page
  • Graphic Design: logo, blog header, sales page graphics

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What our clients are saying…

SuperHero Rescue Services

($200 per hour) superhero-rescueThis level of service is for you if:

  • Have a tech disaster on your hands and need serious help? We we analyze the problem, and come up with, and execute, a solution to fix it. This is what we call “fixing stupid” – annoying situations or problems that need extra brain power and tenacity to find a solution. ;)
  • Do you only need tech help, occasionally? If you have tamed your tech issues, for the most part, and just need someone you can call for a quick tech fix – this package is for you.

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What our clients are saying…

JJ Virgin“Traci is the technical superglue that holds my entire company together. She insists it’s her red cape, magic wand, and Bulletproof coffee, although I think some serious intelligence, tech savvy, and hard work come into play too with her always-fix-it abilities. Traci manages to keep the tech wheels of a multi-million dollar company running while always being readily available to fix any problem (yes, she can even fix stupid!) with a smile and can-do attitude. Can’t recommend her highly enough!” – JJ Virgin  CNS, CHFS Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert NYT Bestselling Author, The Virgin Diet www.jjvirgin.com

SuperHero Mind Meld Services

expert-advice-200w($300 per hour) This is our consulting services to help you map out your next project, expert advice on how to map out your sales funnel or any other small business related consultation you need.  After our session, you will receive a Blueprint Action Plan of what we discussed that you can provide to your Tech Team to have them implement.

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What our clients are saying…As a subscriber to Your Web Tech Team’s services since January 2010, I give Traci and her team my highest recommendation. If you are looking for a company that provides a value-added product, outstanding customer service, and the ability to communicate directly with the owner about your needs then look no further than Your Web Tech Team.James W Phillips As someone who used a slide rule in college physics in 1969, starting an online business seemed impossible in our rapidly changing technology based environment. Your Web Tech Team provided the expertise to evaluate my needs and the technological skills to make them a reality. I wasted hundreds of hours trying to learn what Traci and her team can accomplish in a small fraction of that time. If you are committed to having an online presence, outsource your technology needs to Your Web Tech Team. That is one decision you will never regret.” – James Winston Phillips, M.D., M.B.A., J.D., LL.M., TheOTHERmedicalEducation.com

SuperHero Blueprint Action Squad

($200 per hour) superhero-teamThis level of service is intended to take the Blueprint Action Plan, created from our Mind Meld consultation service, and do that work for you.  However, you may also provide your own action plan for us to implement for your project. arround-round-blue-right

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What our clients are saying…Traci is efficient, precise, knowledgeable, and totally professional. Anyone who works with Karen FoxTraci gets more than they pay for. She has been in web design for over 10 years and does a great job for her all her clients. I highly recommend Traci for those who need someone to be on call to take care of their Web needs.” – Karen Fox, KarentheConnector.com

Red Cape Setup Service

($3,500) redcape-setup-serviceNew to the internet marketing world and want to do things right from the start? Or starting another internet marketing venture? Then this package is for you! This service is designed to get your business setup using the best systems and processes to give you the best start possible so you can jump right in and do what you do best, and let us handle all the technical back-end setup to get you up and running quickly. This includes:

  • 3 hours of our Mind Meld consulting to map out your Blueprint Action Plan, based on the vision you have for your business. This will enable us to get you setup with correct technologies. We will map out, squeeze pages / opt-in process, freemium offer, design, website structure(s), CRM database tools, analytics, email marketing tools- all the foundational basics you need.
  • 20 hours of our Tech Sidekick Service to implement the Blueprint Action Plan we create.

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What our clients are saying…Traci is one those few online business professionals that go way above and beyond any and all expectations in personality, technical knowledge and most of all, trustworthiness! I Gary Andersonpurchased her downloadable video ecourse on WordPress for beginners called “Beginner To Blogger”. I liked it so well that I later bought the physical DVD version as well!  Having Traci to talk you (on the phone or otherwise) through a technical issue is a godsend! There is no way possible that I could say in words how much I appreciate Traci and her ability to teach me stuff and to fix stuff that I broke ;-). Anyone dealing with Traci Knoppe is SURE to be amazed!” - Gary Anderson II http://www.ganderco.com/

World Domination Product Launch Package

($17,000) world-domination-launch-mirrorLaunching a product and want to ensure it all goes smoothly, with every detail thought out, planned out, mapped out and handled for you? This package is for you. Utilizing our SuperHero level Project Management skills – this package includes:

  • 4 hours of Mild Meld consulting to get all the details mapped out in a Blueprint Action Plan for your launch
  • Project Management to ensure every detail in the Blueprint Action Plan is executed, quality checked, tested and ready for launch day
  • Up to 100 hours of Sidekick Tech Level services to execute the Blueprint Action plan

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What our clients are saying…I must say, Traci and her team are by far, the BEST “outsourcing” decision I’ve ever made!  Your Web Tech Team has helped my business stay up to date with promotions, campaigns Michelle Kinnaand back end operations while consistently updating the look and feel of my site.  YWTT is there to help YOU succeed.  The ticket system is very, very simple, easy to follow and extremely organized with completion 24 to 48 hours later…sometimes sooner!   I chuckle at times as I read some of my first entries with VERY little knowledge of computer language, or even HOW to explain what I needed…Traci, very graciously lead me through.  I highly recommend you offload some of your tedious, most times complicated “busy” work to Your Web Tech Team! ” – Michelle Kinna http://www.AdyaHealthProducts.com